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Access Idaho Records: warrants, divorce and marriage, arrests, driver's license, and all public records.

All sorts of public information is readily available through government databases, but searching Idaho state records can be frustrating and time-consuming if you don’t know where to look or how to find them.

Here at Records Page, we make this process easier by making public records more accessible, free and straightforward through step-by-step public record request guides.

Navigating Idaho’s Public Records: Associated Laws

The Idaho Public Records Act in the Idaho Code §74-102 presumes all records maintained by state and local bodies to be public records, with some exceptions to protect confidentiality.1

Any person can request access to these records, and the request must be granted or denied within three days, but it could take up to 10 working days if the governing body dictates they need longer to retrieve the document.2

Public records include records such as criminal, court, vital, inmate information, and more. However, the requester must figure out the appropriate government agency, court, jail, or jurisdiction that hosts the information before making a public record request.

This step is where the process gets complicated, but free resources and third-party search services can guide searchers to find information on nearly anyone.

A Summary of Criminal Records in Idaho

Idaho allows its citizens to obtain their criminal records which are sometimes referred to as Personal Identity Summary sheets. They include information such as:

  • Full name
  • State ID
  • FBI number
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Height and weight
  • Eye, hair, and skin color
  • Aliases
  • Arrest dates
  • Arresting agency
  • Case numbers
  • Charge level – misdemeanor or felony
  • Number of counts charged at arrest (number of distinct charges)
  • Court information
  • Charges by the court – misdemeanor or felony
  • Number of counts charged by the court
  • Disposition or ID someone was charged with a crime3

Criminal records can be helpful for employers when screening employees or landlords vetting potential tenants. However, citizens of Idaho must know that employers and landlords cannot discriminate against them based on criminal history, as the Fair Housing Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act protect their rights.4,5

Accessibility of Idaho Criminal Records

All individuals can search for criminal records in Idaho without obtaining the subject’s authorization, so they are publicly available.

Arrests that did not go to court are only available to the public without authorization as long as they are less than 12 months old.6 Anyone not associated with a criminal justice agency requires a waiver signed by the subject within 180 days of the request to access such arrest records.

How To Search the Idaho Criminal Record Repository

The Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification under the Idaho State Police maintains public criminal records for citizens to access, so anyone can look up someone’s criminal record.7,8 It is an automated database updated using fingerprint arrest records from Idaho’s various criminal justice organizations.

They can search for documents using either the subject’s name or their fingerprints.

Name: Requesters must fill in the Name Based Criminal Background Check Form and provide the processing fee of $20.00 in cash or check.

They can also provide their credit or debit card information on the form, but this will cost an additional processing fee of $1.00 + 3% of the total transaction amount.

Fingerprint: Requesters can visit the Bureau of Criminal Identification in Meridian from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on a weekday or their local law enforcement agency to obtain a fingerprint card. They can also get an electronic fingerprint card from an authorized agency.

The first card costs $10.00, and each additional card costs $5.00. The cards include the subject’s name, aliases, address, citizenship, description, date and place of birth, and reason for fingerprinting and must be submitted within 180 days.

They must also complete the Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check Form and include the $20.00 processing fees in cash, check, or card. Cards will cost an additional processing fee like in a name-based check.

For either option, they must mail all documents and fees to:

Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)
700 South Stratford Drive
Suite 120
Meridian, ID 83642

How To Obtain Idaho Arrest Records & Police Reports

Idaho’s criminal records also contain arrest records for all individuals.

However, the public can also find recent arrests on the concerned county Sheriff’s website if the county hosts this information. For example, the Blaine County Sheriff’s website lists recent arrests, including names, mugshots, age, hometown, offenses, arresting agency, booking date, and the status of the detained person.9,10

The Blaine County Sheriff's Office's website showing recent arrests and mugshots that can be accessed by the public, including the offender's name, age, offenses, arresting agency, booking date, and status.
Source: Blaine County Sheriff’s Office9

If this information is not available, people can contact the county’s Sheriff’s office. Many have Public Records Request forms on their website where requesters can obtain police reports, such as Canyon County for example.11,12

Alternatively, they can contact the city’s police department to obtain police reports. Most will have a records request page online, such as the Nampa city police department.13,14

To see a full list of county inmate rosters, contact information, and other agencies that furnish criminal records, citizens can review the Idaho arrest and criminal record search resource.

How To Look Up Mugshots & Arrest Pictures in Idaho

The criminal records above do not contain mugshots, but they are publicly available under Idaho state records.15 Many counties which feature recent arrests online will showcase a mugshot as well.

If mugshots can not be found online, the public can obtain mugshots by requesting them from the county Sheriff’s office or the city’s police department via a Public Records Request form, such as the Boise police’s form.16,17

Availability of Juvenile Records in Idaho

Juvenile records are not publicly available in Idaho unless the court tried the juvenile as an adult. Juveniles can ask the court to seal or expunge their records (remove them from their history) after they turn 18 and it has been five years since their release from a felony sentence or one year since their misdemeanor conviction.

The only exceptions are certain violent offenses like rape, murder, arson, voluntary manslaughter, drug trafficking, battery, etc., which courts cannot expunge.18

How To Check Warrants in Idaho

Any active or past warrants should appear on the person’s public criminal record, which they can obtain from the BCI. County sheriff’s offices may also have a search service or list of current warrants if someone does not want to pay the $20.00 processing fee for a criminal record.

Otherwise, the public can request records of any warrants out for them by contacting the concerned Sheriff’s office or police department or using the Public Records Request form on their website.

Examples of helpful county agencies and warrant lookup options can be found via the tutorial on locating free Ada County public information, which also provides comprehensive instructions for obtaining court documents, criminal history details, background checks, and other records.

Search Idaho’s Sex Offender Registry & Map

Idaho’s Sexual Offenders Registration Notification & Community Right-to-Know Act makes sex offender registry information available to the public.19

The Idaho State Police maintains this registry, and the public can search through it online without any fees or extra steps.

A person’s registry entry will include:

  • Registration ID
  • Name
  • Aliases
  • Mugshot or photograph
  • Date and place of birth
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Height and weight
  • Eye and hair color
  • Current primary address
  • Last verification date
  • Offenses

People can search for sex offenders by name, city, county, zip code, or map area. When searching by map, all sex offenders known to live near a particular street will show up, and the searcher can select the radius they want to look up.

The Idaho sex offender registry which can be searched by name, city, county, and by map.
Source: Idaho State Police43

How To Run an Online Background Check in Idaho

Employers can request such information from the BCI to see if someone has a criminal record by asking the applicant to provide their fingerprints.

According to the Idaho Code §67-3008, they must also ask the employee for consent before conducting a background check.20

Third-party websites provide various levels of background checks where some include job history verification, education verification, credit checks, etc. If the background check is being run for official purposes, the site must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and cannot provide arrest information beyond 7-10 years unless the employee earns more than $75,000.

People looking to work with vulnerable adults or children or with the Department of Health & Welfare will require a separate background check conducted by the Idaho Criminal History Unit.21,22 This check is more extensive and checks nurse aide registries, Medicare Exclusion Lists, etc.

Idaho Court Records Summary

Idaho court records are public information and readily available online. The Idaho court system has five levels, in ascending order of authority:

  • Small Claims Courts: Preside over cases concerning up to $4,000. No attorneys are allowed.
  • Magistrate Courts: Preside over civil actions up to $10,000, traffic cases, probates (will and estates), juvenile corrections, child protection, arrest warrants, etc.
  • District Courts: Preside over felony, property dispute, contract, and personal injury cases. Also hear appeals from magistrate and small claims courts.
  • Court of Appeals: Hears appeals from the various district courts.
  • Supreme Court: Presides over claims against the state and extraordinary writs and hears appeals from district courts and administrative agencies.23

Case information from these courts usually includes:

  • Case number
  • Court
  • The judge or judicial officer
  • Filing date
  • Case type (civil, criminal, etc.)
  • Case status
  • Party names
  • Attorney names
  • Charges
  • Dispositions or judgments

How To Look Up Idaho Court Records & Cases

The Idaho Courts host a public record repository on the iCourt system, where anyone can look up cases by name or record number other than juvenile or sealed court records.24 Searches of these state records are entirely free of cost.

Idaho court record search where cases can be found on any offenders and free warrant searches can be performed.
Source: iCourt Portal24

Searchers must first choose the county where the case was tried and choose “Records Search” from the Service drop-down menu.25 They can also access e-filing services, online payment methods, and county contact information from this website and select the county from the map illustrated on the page.

Court records can be found locally through county courts, specifically through court clerks or online databases. An in depth description of how to acquire desired court case documents is available through our Canyon County free public information search; this resource gives clear directions for obtaining marital, probation, arrest, and other records too.

How To Search Bankruptcy in Idaho

The Idaho Bankruptcy Court maintains records of all recent bankruptcy cases in the state.26 The public can visit the Court’s page on Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) to search for case information online.27,28

Otherwise, they can use the Voice Case Information System (VCIF) by calling 866-222-8029 (extension 44) to receive basic case details or visit the Clerk’s Office in person at:

U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courthouse
550 W. Fort St.
Ste. 400
Boise, ID 83724

Coeur d’Alene:
U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courthouse
6450 North Mineral Dr.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courthouse
801 E. Sherman St.
Room 119
Pocatello, ID 83201

For closed bankruptcy cases in Idaho, searchers can contact the National Archives via e-mail, post, or phone and provide the name of the court, case number, names of parties, and the time period when the case was filed.29,30 Searching is free, but records might cost a fee.

Idaho Inmate Records (Jails & Prisons)

People can look up public inmate records in Idaho to find out if someone was arrested or is in jail. County jail records are readily available online, but people might have to contact specific jails or city police departments to look for inmates. An inmate lookup may reveal:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Status
  • Age
  • Offenses for which the inmate is currently being held
  • Sentencing county
  • Case numbers
  • Parole hearing date

How To Find Jail Inmate Records

Most county websites have an inmate roster or jail roster available to the public, where searchers can look for current detainees housed in the jail, such as the Canyon County jail roster.31,32 Otherwise, contacting the county sheriff’s office may be the best bet.

City jails also have online directories and if not, the public will have to contact the police department administering the jail and ask them about the inmate they’re searching for.

See a list of Idaho county jail inmate search tools and contact pages in order to find someone in a jail nearby:

County Roster/Website Address Phone
Ada Ada County Inmate Roster 7210 Barrister Dr., Boise, ID 83704 208-577-3000
Adams Adams County Jail Information 201 Industrial Avenue, Council, ID 83612 208-253-4370
Bannock Bannock County Jail Roster 4322 N. Old Highway. 91, Pocatello, ID 83205 208-236-7125
Bear Lake Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office 50 North Main St., Paris, ID, 83261 208-945-2121
Benewah Benewah County Information 701 College Ave., St. Maries, ID, 83861 208-245-2555
Bingham Bingham County Current Bookings 501 North Maple #405, Blackfoot, ID 83221 208-785-4440
Blaine Blaine County Detention Roster 1650 Aviation Dr., Hailey, ID, 83333 208-788-5564
Boise Boise County Sheriff’s Office 3851 Hwy. 21, PO Box 189, Idaho City, ID, 83631 208-392-4411
Bonner Bonner County Sheriff’s Office 4001 N. Boyer Ave., Sandpoint, ID, 83864-8066 208-263-8417
Bonneville Bonneville County Inmate List 605 N. Capitol Ave., Idaho Falls, ID, 83402 208-529-1315
Boundary Boundary Detention Facility Contact 6438 Kootenai St., PO Box 127, Bonners Ferry, ID, 83805 208-267-3151
Butte Butte County Sheriff’s Office 256 W. Grand Ave., Arco, ID 83213 208-527-8553
Camas Camas County Sheriff’s Office 119 W. Willow St., PO Box 220, Fairfield, ID, 83327 208-764-2261
Canyon Canyon County Jail Roster 219 N. 12th Ave., Caldwell, ID 83605 208-454-7541
Caribou Caribou County Jail Contact 475 E. 2nd South, Soda Springs, ID 83276 208-547-3094
Cassia Cassia County Jail Roster 1415 Albion Ave., Burley, ID 83318 208-878-1000
Clark Clark County Officials: Contact 224 W. Main St., Dubois, ID, 83423 208-374-5403
Clearwater Clearwater Jail Information 150 Michigan Ave., Second Floor, PO Box 724, Orofino, ID 83544 208-476-8903
Custer Cluster County Sheriff’s Contact 401 S. Main Ave., PO Box 344, Challis, ID, 83226 208-879-2232
Elmore Elmore County Current Bookings 2255 E. 8th North, Mountain Home, ID 83647 208-587-9103
Franklin Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Contact 39 W. Oneida, Preston, ID, 83263 208-852-1234
Fremont Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Contact 146 N. 2nd West, St. Anthony, ID 83445 208-624-4482
Gem Gem County Jail Information 410 E. First, Emmet, ID, 83617 208-365-4484
Gooding Gooding County Sheriff’s Office Contact 624 Main St., Gooding, ID, 83330 208-934-4421
Idaho Idaho County Current Inmate List 320 W. Main St., Grangeville, ID 83530 208-983-1123
Jefferson Jefferson County Jail Information 200 Courthouse Way, Rigby, ID, 83442 208-745-9210
Jerome Jerome County Jail Information 2151 S. Tiger Dr., Jerome, ID 83338 208-595-3360
Kootenai Kootenai County Current Inmate List 5500 North Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 208-446-1400
Latah Latah County Inmate List Sixth St., PO Box 8068, Moscow, ID 83843 208-882-2216
Lemhi Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office 206 Courthouse Dr., Salmon, ID, 82467 208-756-8980
Lewis Lewis County Sheriff’s Office 510 Oak St., Room 5, Nazperce, ID 83453 208-937-2447
Lincoln Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 111 W. B St., PO Box 246, Shoshone, ID 83352 208-886-2250
Madison Madison County Jail Information 145 E. Main St., Rexburg, ID, 83440 208-372-5002
Minidoka Minidoka County Records Division 1415 Albion Ave., Burley, ID 83318 208-878-1000
Nez Perce Nez Perce County Inmate List 1150 Wall St., Lewiston, ID 83501 208-799-3132
Oneida Oneida County Inmate List 4322 N. Old Highway. 91, Pocatello, ID 83205 208-236-7125
Owyhee Owyhee County Jail Information 20381 State Hwy. 78, Murphy, ID 83650 208-495-1154
Payette Payette County Inmate Records 1130 3rd Ave. N., Payette, ID 83661 208-642-6006
Power Power County Jail Roster 550 Gifford Ave., American Falls, ID 83211 208-226-2311
Shoshone Shoshone County Sheriff’s Contact 717 Bank St., Wallace, ID 83873 208-556-1114
Teton Teton County Sheriff’s Office 89 N. Main St., Driggs, ID 83422 208-354-2323
Twin Falls Twin Falls County Inmate Information 504 Gooding St. North, Twin Falls, ID 83303 208-734-9090
Valley Valley County Detention Facility 107 W. Spring St., Cascade, ID 83611 208-382-7168
Washington Washington County Jail Contact 262 E. Court St., Weiser, ID 83672 208-414-2124

Otherwise, if an individual is in a city jail, searchers can view a list of local city jails to contact:

City Website Address Phone
Boise Boise Police Department 200 W. Front St., Boise, ID 83702 208-287-7160
Meridian Meridian Police Department 1401 E. Watertower Ave., Meridian, ID 83642 208-888-6678
Nampa Nampa Police Department 820 2nd Street South, Nampa, ID, 83651 208-468-5661
Idaho Falls Idaho Falls Police Department 605 N. Capital Ave., Idaho Falls, ID, 83405 208-612-8660
Caldwell Caldwell Police Department 110 S. 5th Ave., Caldwell, ID 83605 208-455-3115
Pocatelllo Pocatelllo Police Department 911 N. 7th Ave., Pocatello, ID, 83201 208-234-6100
Coeur d’Alene Coeur d’Alene Police Department 3818 Schreiber Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 208-769-2320
Twin Falls Twin Falls Police Department 321 2nd Ave. East, Twin Falls, ID 83301 208-735-4357
Post Falls Post Falls Police Department 1717 E. Polston Ave., Post Falls, ID 83854 208-773-3517
Eagle Eagle Police Department 1119 East State Street, Suite 260, Eagle ID 83616 208-938-2260

How To Access ID Prisoner Details (Prison Inmate Search)

Idaho houses more than 8,000 prisoners in its state prisons at any time.33 The public can find these inmates through the Idaho Department of Correction’s (IDOC) Offender Search tool.34,35

The Idaho Department of Corrections database where state prisoners can be searched using their first name, last name, or IDOC number.
Source: Idaho Department of Correction34

They can enter a person’s last name (and optionally their first name) or IDOC number to look for them. Keep in mind that they will only find detailed records for prisoners who are still in custody or under probation.

The search will show multiple results in most cases, and searchers can look at an inmate’s mugshot and additional information to determine if they have found the right person.

Facility Name & Website Address Phone
Mountain View Transformation Center (MVTC) 15505 South Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-336-9959
Idaho Maximum Security Institution (IMSI) 13400 South Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-338-1635
Idaho State Correctional Center (ISCC) 14601 South Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-331-2760
Idaho State Correctional Institution (ISCI) 13500 South Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-336-0740
South Boise Women’s Correctional Center (SBWCC) 13200 Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-334-2731
South Idaho Correctional Institution (SICI) 13900 Pleasant Valley Road, Kuna, ID 83634 208-336-1260
North Idaho Correctional Institution (NICI) 236 Radar Road, Cottonwood, ID 83522 208-962-3276
Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino (ICIO) 381 West Hospital Dr., Orofino, ID 83544 208-476-3655
Saguaro Correctional Center 1250 East Arica Road, Eloy, AZ 85131 520-464-0500
Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center (PWCC) 1451 Fore Rd., Pocatello, ID 83204 208-236-6360
St. Anthony Work Camp (SAWC) 125 North 8th West, St. Anthony, ID 83445 208-624-3775


Community Reentry Centers
Facility Name & Website Address Phone
East Boise Community Reentry Center 2366 Old Penitentiary Rd., Boise, ID 83712 208-334-3448
Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center 14195 South Pleasant Valley Rd., Kuna, ID 83634 208-334-2241
Idaho Falls Community Reentry Center 3955 Bombardier Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 208-525-7143
Nampa Community Reentry Center 1640 11th Ave. North, Nampa, ID 83687 208-465-8490
Twin Falls Community Reentry Center 616 Washington Street South, Twin Falls, ID 83301 208 644-7900

Note, there are no federal prisons in the state of Idaho. 

How To Locate Idaho Inmates’ Release Dates

When searching for an inmate in state prison, the inmate record will contain a parole hearing, parole eligibility, or retained jurisdiction release date. This date is when the inmate will either be released or become eligible for parole (release).

Jail inmates do not have a set inmate release date as they have not gone to trial yet, but searchers can contact the concerned jail for more information.

How To Visit or Put Money on an Inmate’s Books

Visitors to inmates in Idaho must complete a Visiting Application Form and mail or submit it to the facility where the person they wish to visit resides. They can also fill out this form online, so it’s not too difficult to figure out how to get jail paperwork.

For out-of-state facilities, they must mail the form to:

Stephen Grill, Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC)
ATTN: Out of State Facility Visiting Application
1299 N Orchard Street, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83706

Visiting applications take 2-4 weeks to process and expire in a year, and minors cannot visit without an accompanying adult. The accompanying adult must fill out the Minor Child form for the minor. Visitors to city jails should contact the facility to inquire about visiting.

A person can put money in an inmate’s trust account or pay their probation or parole fees by:

  • Downloading the Access Corrections App on iOS or Android, where they can pay by either VISA or Mastercard
  • Visiting the Access Corrections website36
  • Calling 866-345-1884 to make a payment by card
  • Register at Cash Pay Today to get a barcode and make a cash deposit at a local store (CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens, etc.)37
  • Mailing checks to or money orders for prison residents to:

Secure Deposits – Idaho Department of Correct (DOC)
PO Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

  • Mailing checks and money orders for probationers or parolees:

Secure Deposits – Idaho Department of Correct (DOC) P&P
PO Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

Idaho Vital Record Certificates

Idaho’s Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health & Welfare, keeps the state’s vital records.38

These generally contain birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, along with some other documents specific to the state. Idaho, for instance, also issues stillbirth and miscarriage certificates.

Idaho has maintained centralized birth and death records since 1911 and marriage and divorce records since 1947.39,40,41  Idaho also reports this information to the United State Census, and the following image shows the divorced population of each Idaho county:

A map showing the total divorce population (5-year estimates up to 2021) of each county in Idaho based on the census data.
Source: The Census Bureau

However, not all documents are freely available to the public to preserve privacy and confidentiality.

How To Request Vital Records in Idaho

Birth certificates remain confidential within Idaho state records until 100 years from registration. However, death, marriage, and divorce certificates are all confidential for 50 years in Idaho. Once they pass this threshold, anyone can gain access to them and find out if someone is married.

However, only persons who have a “direct and tangible interest” can access these certificates while they’re confidential.42 These persons include:

  • The subject of the certificate
  • The subject’s spouse, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, and guardians
  • Any person who can demonstrate that they need the record to protect their property rights
  • A representative authorized by the people mentioned above
  • The subject’s next-of-kin, if all other eligible persons are deceased
  • The Idaho Attorney General and state or federal attorneys, if they need the certificate for law enforcement
  • Any person authorized to access the record by an Idaho court
  • Any person controlling the remains and disposal of a deceased subject

Since only these persons can access an Idaho confidential vital record, people need to provide valid ID proof (like a driver’s license) when ordering a certified copy of any record, unless it is in the public domain, like a public divorce record.

How To Obtain Copies of Free Vital Records: Marriage, Divorce, Death & Birth Certificates

People can obtain copies of Idaho vital records online or by mail by following the instructions below. Ordering online will be faster but will cost more while ordering by mail will take longer and be more economical.

Online: People wishing to obtain a vital certificate online should order through VitalChek, which is promoted by the state of Idaho.43 The site accepts all major credit and debit cards. VitalChek may ask requesters to fax some identification documents to verify their identity, which will add to the cost.

Vitalkcheck, an online service that provides paid and free marriage records, divorce records as well as birth certificates and death certificates.
Source: VitalCheck44

Birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates will all cost a non-refundable fee of $10.50, $10.00 for an express (RUSH) order, and $19.00 for express shipping.

VitalChek takes 3-25 days to process the certificate and delivers overnight (express delivery) or in 7-10 days (regular delivery).

By mail: Requesters should fill out the Idaho Vital Records Certificate Request Form and indicate which certificate they need. Then, they should mail this form, along with a check or money order for the $16.00 processing fee made out to Idaho Vital Records and a photocopy of a government-issued ID, to:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics (BVRHS)
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

Mail requests will take 1-2 weeks (express service) or 2-4 weeks (standard service) to process.

Searching Idaho state records may be daunting at first, but with the resources above, anyone should be able to access public records quickly and easily.


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