Conduct a Free Idaho Parole Search (Check Parolees’ Status)

Free Idaho Parolee Lookup
Find out if someone you know or love was released from prison on parole in Idaho, free of charge.

Run a free Idaho parole search to check an offender’s status.

These lookups can be incredibly useful if you’re a victim of a crime or need to know whether a person has been released from jail. However, understanding the difference between parole and probation is essential.

Probation means completing a sentence in the community under supervision, while parole means being released from prison before the end of a sentence. Generally, parole applies to more serious offenses, while probation may be an option for minor crimes.

Knowing how to conduct a parole search in Idaho allows you to find the information you need quickly and seamlessly. This resource explains which agencies provide free parolee databases and outlines how to find hearing dates, violations, and supervising officer details.

How To Perform an Idaho Parole Search for Free (Records & Statuses)

The Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) offers a free resident/client search function available to anyone who wants to find information on offender statuses.1 The results include parolees as well as people on probation and incarcerated inmates. Users can determine the person’s incarceration status by checking the ‘status’ column on the results page— their status will state ‘parole’ or probation’ if they’re on supervised release.

A screenshot of results from the client search of the Idaho Department of Corrections, listing the individual's IDOC number, full name, age, and status.
Source: Idaho Department of Correction2

You’ll need the person’s first name, last name or IDOC number to carry out a parole lookup. The search function enables partial searches, which means you can look up any parolee provided you know at least three characters of their name or IDOC number.

However, partial searches typically generate a large volume of results, and the search doesn’t allow you to filter results for parolees only. Therefore, entering as much information as possible can help you find the person’s parole information faster.

Conducting an IDOC search provides a significant amount of free information, including the person’s offense, where they were sentenced and the satisfaction date of their conviction. You can also find the name of their supervising officer and contact information for their supervising district.

Local Probation & Parole District Offices can also help with parole information requests.3 Concerned citizens can also contact the IDOC to request information about parolees. Inquire via mail, telephone or in-person at:

Idaho Department of Correction
1299 North Orchard Street, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: 208-658-2000

The IDOC also operates an online information center, enabling citizens to request parole records and ask questions. Users must create an IDOC information center account before submitting requests. Making an account allows users to keep track of their information requests online.

Alternatively, the Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole provides copies of public records. Citizens must ask for parole records in writing by completing the Public Record Request Form or writing to:4

Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole
3056 Elder Street
Boise, ID 83705

Phone: 208-334-2520

Find Parole Violators & Absconders in Idaho

Idaho doesn’t have a free online criminal records database for parole violators and absconders at a state or county level. Although this specific type of parole search is not possible online, victims of crimes generally have the right to information about relevant proceedings, which may include being notified of someone violating or absconding.

If you’re a victim or a family member of a victim, you can apply for automatic notifications of matters related to an offender’s parole status via the Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole’s Victim Contact Information Form.5

You’ll need to supply some basic information, including your name and contact information, the name of the offender and your relationship to the crime. Alternatively, you can contact the victim services department by email at [email protected].

Screenshot of a part of the victim contact form, displaying an introductory note and fields regarding the victim or family of the victim's name, contact details, address, and preferred contact method.
Source: Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole5

Additionally, citizens may also consider reaching out to the IDOC Probation and Parole District Offices.3

How To Look Up Inmates in an Idaho State Prison

The Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) resident/client search also allows you to look up inmates in an Idaho prison for free.1 You can find current inmates by entering at least three characters of their first name, last name or IDOC number. Entering as much information as possible provides more accurate search results and can save you from scrolling through pages of inmates to find the correct individual.

The IDOC search function doesn’t allow you to search by incarceration status. You can check whether a person is currently imprisoned by looking at the status column, which will state “in custody” if the person is in an Idaho state prison.

Once you’ve found the correct person, you can view their conviction type, sentencing county and case number. Their records page also outlines their offense satisfaction date and when they’re eligible for parole. Idaho generally starts the parole hearing process within 9 months of the eligibility date.

If you want to contact an incarcerated person, you can find the prison’s mailing address and telephone number on the left-hand side of the person’s IDOC search result page.

You’ll need to apply for visitation online before visiting an Idaho prison inmate or by filling out a paper-based visiting application.6, 7 You should send paper applications to the IDOC facility listed on the person’s search result page via U.S. Mail.

Screenshot of the first sections of the visiting application form from the Department of Correction, showing the links for IDOC visiting rules and standard operating procedure and required fields for resident's IDOC number, name, and facility.
Source: Idaho Department of Correction6

Friends and family can also send money to Idaho prison inmates through Access Corrections. You can find additional information about visiting and supporting a prison inmate in the IDOC’s Friends & Family Brochure.8

How To Conduct a Parole Hearing Lookup & Reach a Parolee’s Assigned Officer in Idaho

Anyone can find out the date of a scheduled parole hearing via the Town Hall Idaho website. At the same time, victims will receive automatic notifications if they’re registered with the Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole.

To find a specific hearing date, type “Commission Hearings” into the Town Hall Idaho search box and enter a date range. Open any of the Commission Hearing results and click “Agenda” to find scheduled parole hearings for that month. Bear in mind that hearing times can change at short notice, so it’s worth checking the Town Hall Idaho website regularly for updates.

A screenshot of a schedule of parole hearings from the Commission of Pardons & Parole displays the hearing date, time, and location and lists the scheduled individuals' IDOC numbers, names, and jurisdictions.
Source: Idaho Commission of Pardons & Parole9

You may wish to contact an individual’s parole officer if you have concerns about your safety or the safety of the parolee or another person. You can also contact the relevant parole office to report a violation or any other issue related to someone on early release in Idaho.

Conducting a parole search via the IDOC Resident/Client Search is the quickest and most efficient way to find the address and contact number of their district office; the following table displays contact information for the seven Probation & Parole District Offices in Idaho:1, 3

Probation & Parole District Office Address Telephone Number
Coeur d’Alene (Probation & Parole District 1) 202 Anton, 1st floor
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
Lewiston (Probation & Parole District 2) 908 Idaho St.
Lewiston, ID 83501
Caldwell (Probation & Parole District 3) 3110 Cleveland Boulevard, Building D
Caldwell, ID 83605
Boise (Probation & Parole District 4) 10221 West Emerald St.
Boise, ID 83704
Twin Falls (Probation & Parole District 5) 731 Shoup Avenue West
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Pocatello (Probation & Parole District 6) 1246 Yellowstone Avenue, Suite F
Pocatello, ID 83201-4310
Idaho Falls (Probation & Parole District 7) 2225 West Broadway Street, Suite A
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

How To Run an Idaho Probation Lookup for Free

Probation occurs when an offender completes their sentence in the community under state supervision instead of spending time in jail. It usually only applies to relatively minor offenses, whereas parole applies to more serious crimes.

The Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC) database lists people on probation in Idaho through its resident/client search function.1 Therefore, you can search for individuals on probation by following the same steps as a parole search.

The status column on the right-hand side of the screen will state “probation” if applicable. You can click on their profile to find the name of their supervising district, supervising officer and other information related to their conviction.

A screenshot of the detailed information of an individual on probation, displaying the name, age, IDOC number, status, supervising district and officer, phone number, offense, sentence county, case number, and sentence satisfaction date.
Source: Idaho Department of Correction10

County and state agencies don’t typically provide online databases of people on probation in Idaho. Therefore, the IDOC website is usually your best port of call for an Idaho probation search.

To contact the department and potentially inquire about an individual’s probation status, you can reach out to them at

Idaho Department of Correction
1299 North Orchard Street, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: 208-658-2000

Alternatively, you could contact your local Probation & Parole District to ask for information on probationers.1

Idaho’s state agencies make it efficient to search for parolees if you know basic information, such as their name or IDOC number. The IDOC resident/client search enables anyone to conduct a free Idaho parole search, as well as find people in prison or on probation.


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