Run a Free Idaho Inmate Search (Verify Offenders’ Status)

Free Idaho Inmate Search
Lookup jail and prison inmates in Idaho for free

Execute a free Idaho inmate search using the state and county-level lookup tools linked and explained throughout this streamlined resource.

For inmates — those who are incarcerated in prison or local jails — several government agencies offer convenient online search options. For those held pending trial in local jails or for shorter sentences, searchers need to use local lookup options or contact the specific county sheriff’s office or police department.

No matter what type of incarceration, this resource empowers citizens to find the details, location and status of any prisoner in jail or prison in Idaho.

Detained in Jail vs Prison

Everyone who is arrested is typically detained for a period of time in local jails. Anyone incarcerated in a jail or prison is an inmate. This distinction is important when running an inmate lookup to determine which agency controls information about a prisoner.

Those who break state laws and are arrested by state troopers spend their sentence in state prisons, while those arrested by county or municipal law enforcement agents go to local jails. Federal law enforcement agents hold detainees in federal prisons.

Each level of detainment means a court case at a different level of government. In general, more serious crimes mean a prison sentence, while less serious crimes mean jail time.

County & Municipal Jails: Jails, whether run by a county sheriff’s office or a city police department, are typically for shorter-term residents. Someone with a sentence measured in months or simply waiting a few days for a hearing might spend that time in jail. Every county has at least one local jail that can handle overnight stays.

State & Federal Prisons: Prisons are designed for longer-term residents or those who commit state or federal crimes. The Idaho Department of Corrections manages any prisoners held in state prison. The Bureau of Prisons manages federal offenders in both prisons and community-based facilities for those convicted of federal offenses, in the same way those convicted of state offenses serve in state prisons.

How To Review Details of Anybody in an Idaho Jail

To run an inmate search, researchers must also look at county-level records. County jails and city detainment centers often post an inmate roster that lets the public see who is currently held by that law enforcement agency, making it seamless to run a search. Many county jails post an inmate search option or roster online to let friends and family find a person that might be awaiting trial or to schedule visitation.

Performing a County Jail Search: Every county is a little bit different when it comes to accessing inmate records. In one county, you might need to call the sheriff’s office, while another might prefer email requests, faxes, or even enable online searches.

For example, Idaho County’s Sheriff’s Office offers an online inmate roster for streamlined searching.1 The current inmate list is posted publicly online and includes the following information on detainees:

  • Legal Name
  • Criminal History in Brief
  • Bond Amount
A screenshot from the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office featuring mugshots and basic information, including names, charges, and bond amounts for several individuals.
Source: Idaho County Sheriff’s Office1

For in-person requests, visit:

Idaho County Sheriff’s Office
320 West Main Street
Grangeville, ID 83530

Ada County, the most populous county in the state, also offers an online inmate roster. Due to the larger number of detainees, though, users need to search for a specific individual.

There are two ways to search. The first is using the Ada County Sheriff’s Office inmate roster and at least the first few letters of someone’s last name.2

Another option is to use the Current Arrests list. It’s updated every 24 hours and details every person currently under arrest in the county. Users can extend the search time to up to five days to see a list of all arrests performed during that time. Direct phone or in-person inquiries to:

Ada County Sheriff’s Office
7200 Barrister Drive
Boise, ID 83704

(208) 577 3000 (Primary)

Accessing Municipal Jail Records: In Boise City, the largest city in the state, the county keeps most inmate records. Cimarron County – where Boise is located – offers an online inmate search, but the city doesn’t. To make a public records request directly to the Boise Police Department, searchers must submit the request in writing either online, via mail or in person.

Send requests to:

City Hall West
333 North Mark Stall Place
Boise, ID 83704

These requests aren’t free, which may encourage researchers to drop off requests in person to pay any required fees.

How To Perform an Idaho Inmate Search

The Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC) offers an inmate search tool for anyone under the custody of IDOC.3 That means anyone who resides in a state prison, community-based facilities or those released with community supervision shows up on an inmate lookup.

Before using the search tool, read the terms and disclaimer thoroughly to better understand what information is available and what is redacted. There may also be limits on how to use the information provided. Be aware of the approved and forbidden uses for all public records information.

Running an IDOC Inmate Search: Users can search for inmates by last name or IDOC number. The state Department of Corrections assigns every inmate an IDOC number when remanded to the prison system.

The search tool allows partial matches, but requires at least the first three letters of the last name to run a search. For example, a search for the last name Johns would also return all results with the last name Johnson.

On the results page, searchers get the full, legal name of the inmate, along with:

  • IDOC #
  • Status
  • Age
  • Supervising District
  • Supervising Officer
  • Phone Number
  • Offense
  • Sentencing County
  • Case #
  • Sentencing Satisfaction Date
A screenshot from the Idaho Department of Corrections featuring a list of individuals, their identification numbers, full names, ages, and discharge statuses with dates, without specifying their institution or state.
Source: Idaho Department of Corrections3

Those currently in IDOC custody have a mailing address listed instead of supervisory information.

Understanding the IDOC System: Idaho has nine prison locations, one out-of-state correctional facility and a work camp, in addition to five community re-entry facilities. To arrange for visitation at one of these facilities, searchers can fill out an online application.4 Be sure to take a look at the Visiting Rules before heading to a prison.

For those out on parole or probation, the Department of Corrections maintains a list of wanted fugitives. While the inmate search tool provides information about those who violate the terms of their release agreement, it may not be as up to date as some of the wanted lists.

Victims of a crime have the opportunity to make their voices heard during parole hearings and get access to automated notifications about inmate status changes. IDOC uses VINElink to provide automated updates to victims.

Victims can sign up and get text or email notifications about possible parole hearings and release dates. They then have the opportunity to either make a statement in person or via Webex to the parole board or have their victim impact statement read on their behalf. Take a look at the Victim FAQ to get more information about services available to those who have been the victim of crime.

How To Execute a Federal Prisoner Search

All federal prisons allow an inmate search through a tool provided by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). This inmate search tool contains information about those incarcerated anywhere between 1982 and present.5

For older records, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system may have information available online for a nominal fee per record. Inmates placed in prison prior to 1982 may not appear on the inmate search tool and can be located through the National Archives prison records.

To assist National Archive staff with finding records from before 1982, be sure to include the following information about the specific person in question:

  • Full, legal name
  • Date of birth (if unavailable, approximate age when incarcerated)
  • Race
  • Approximate dates of time spent in prison

To use the BOP tool, searchers must have the full first and last name of the inmate in question. It’s also important to note that not everyone in the BOP database is an offender. Those held for civil contempt or as material witnesses may also have a BOP record.

Every search result includes the inmate’s:

  • Name
  • Register Number
  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Release Date
  • Location
A screenshot from the Federal Bureau of Prisons features a list of incarcerated individuals with a common name, registration numbers, ages, races, sexes, release dates, and locations.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons5

The BOP has federal prisons located throughout the United States, though none in Idaho.6 Any Idaho resident convicted of a federal crime serves their sentence out of state.

Detainee status is typically available online for those held in Idaho. Run a free Idaho inmate search today to find out more about a specific offender or to locate a loved one.


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